Should you purchase twitter likes?

The matter of whether we should purchase twitter likes, something that has become a trending habit in the current times, has provoked different reactions across the world. Many have criticized it by virtue of being illegal considering the fact that it is against the terms and conditions of use for Twitter thus offenders stand a risk of being suspended or even being banned totally from twitter. But either way, people have still been able to evade the penalty and continue buying these likes.

However, there are those who have supported the purchasing of twitter likes. You will agree with me that getting likes on twitter is not a walk in the park. It is not that easy as many people have deemed it to be. For this reason, purchasing likes for your tweets has proved to be an easy way for people to be able to add on to their free likes without any struggle whatsoever. It is simple and straight forward and there is no rocket science involved. All you have to do is to land a well renowned dealer who will provide genuine likes.

The Significance Of Free Likes And Free Followers In Social Media Marketing

For any person who has a an idea of what social media promoting is, you will agree with me that there is an excessive demand for the respective social media account being used to be strategically positioned on the social media platform in the sense that, you have to have as many likes as you can get and even likes as well for any post that you share. Well, in the past, before purchasing of free likes was made possible, it was quite frenzied for people to attain such thresholds unless, of course you were a well-known public icon.

Now with one having the ability to buy free likes the field of social media marketing has been redefined and revolutionized ever since. It has enabled high traffic flow on the respective accounts and positioned them to a place where more people can see the business advertisements that you make; which in turn boosts your chances of success in the business. Imagine advertising on an account with just about 100 followers, it wouldn’t make any sense right?

Why You Should Adopt a Test And Learn Approach To Get Free Followers

There is no point that you will ever understand the uses of social media fully because it’s uses and inventions is a continuous process that calls for flexibility if you intend to incorporate it into your business. The need for coming up with relevant content to engage with your free followers is what pushes you to have a team to be in charge for this department alone. If you are new to this online business, the safest methodology to use is to adopt a test and learn. This is ideal when testing the waters and trying to come up with the concept that may work for you in the long run.

It may take the time to get it, but it’s worth. Every tested idea is validated by the data generated from specific social media platforms that will help you refine the online approach to a vast extent. All the time note down the budgets too and see if it is sustainable or not. With the right approach now, attracting free followers will be easy because you know what works out and what doesn’t.






How Else Can I Use Twitter Likes?

It used to be “Favorite” on twitter where you click on the star whenever you see a tweet you like. This has been replaced with twitter likes where the icon is a heart. Other than to show that you like a person’s tweet, there are other uses for twitter likes. How else can you use likes?

  • Bookmark your tweets – If you see a tweet with a link that interest you but don’t have time read it yet, you can click on the heart to bookmark it. It will be stored under “Likes” tab on your profile page
  • Get more followers – Just like Facebook has pokes, twitter users use likes to get the attention of someone. Place enough likes on a user’s tweets, he or she will bound to visit your profile and if they like what they see, they might follow you
  • Passive aggressive gesture – Cyber wars is nothing new these days. You find yourself arguing with a complete stranger online. Liking their tweets is a passive aggressive way to show that their words don’t affect you


3 Old Tricks to get you Twitter Popular that no longer works- and what actually work these days

Sometimes back, following people and later unfollowing those who didn’t follow you back used to be a great way to become popular. Did it work back then? Maybe a little bit, but the problem with that trick was that it used to get you many followers with whom you shared nothing in common. It was common to find someone who had a thousand followers but couldn’t manage a hundred twitter likes. In addition, people also tried texting friends and colleague their twitter handles back then. It was more effective than other secrets back then, but still it couldn’t bring you a lot of results.

Buying twitter likes and followers was also popular sometimes back, but today most people find it senseless to buy followers with whom you couldn’t interact in any way. Instead, working to look outstanding and authoritative on twitter is the new method to attract followers. Instead of buying twitter likes, people today post inspirational and entertaining content that will automatically lead to likes.

Where And How To Get Free Followers To Help Boost My Business?

If your social media account for your business is still new and it could use some help, then free followers is one of the ways you can do this. There are companies that offer followers for free to boost your online presence.

There are many companies offering this so you have to scout around for the one with the best deal. Their services usually include free likes and free comments other than just free likes. So you can pick and choose which one you feel suits your business best. These likes and/or followers are designed to make you look popular so it can attract other potential customers. It can get be hard to convince new customers about your product and/or services, so a high number of followers will usually convince them.

Depending on how long you’ve established your business, it’s wise to start with a realistic number of followers before you choose the package with the highest number of followers. Pick one to get started and work on expanding to real life customers so there will be engagement and sale.


Gain more Followers through Free Likes

The ultimate test to whether you are popular on social media is by looking at the number of people following your account and the number of people who get into conversations with you. Instead of buying followers you can use free likes to gain real live followers who can engage in conversations with you and increase the level of activity on your account. You get them at no costs and they are quite beneficial.
When people see that you have a lot of likes on your posts, they are bound to be interested. In most cases they will scroll through your timeline to see exactly what it is that you are about. If they are impressed they will most likely follow your account. The free likes will get them interested and it is thus your job to ensure that they stay interested. You need to post stuff that catches people’s eyes. Ensure that your posts are not too personal so as not to come out as a braggart or a complainer. Do not seem too obsessed with your own life.